We understand that there is a severe dearth in Citi Bike coverage, which is why we bring you yesterday's riding stats—and they're not as water-logged as you might expect. Using a complex formula (Fob + Galt * Martyr) we see that there were 6,857 Citi Bike trips taken from 5 p.m. Monday through 5 p.m. Tuesday, which is an increase of several hundred from opening day. This means that people actually biked in the rain. How did they do it?

Our own Jake "Stay Dry, Stay Fly" Dobkin successfully rode home on a Citi Bike in yesterday's gentle downpour and has a few tips for the commuter who forsakes the rank tardy tubes for fresh air and Freedom.

1)  You'll want to bring some kind of towel to dry off the seat, or a plastic bag to cover it, since the seat will be wet, and it's annoying to pedal standing up.

2)  The weight of the bikes is actually a plus in the rain, since it makes the wheels grip a lot better than my regular bike.

3)  The dock machines seem a little temperamental in the rain—it took a little more effort to get the bike out, and when I returned it, I had to try a second dock before the bike would lock. Once again, I only got a yellow light when I returned the bike (I was expecting a green light, which never showed), but I checked the Citi Bike site, and it registered the trip as completed.

4)  The fenders really are helpful for keeping the rain and puddles off your clothes—I didn't even bother to roll my jeans and they were fine. But you'll probably want a poncho or something to keep your shirt dry.  

Citi Bike's temperamental docks were best documented by reporters for Crain's, who waited nearly a half-hour for a usable one (although they could have just pedaled to a different station, but then how would they be late to work?).

A total of 19,389 annual Citi Bike members have logged 32,265 miles since Monday. You may be able to use bike share in the rain as early as Sunday, if you happen to Like It Wet.*

*The author of this post has been punished for this joke with sixteen lashings and another fourteen Citi Bike assignments