Citi Bike is installing docks at 85 new locations in Bushwick and Ridgewood, which are set to appear in the coming months. That’s in addition to the 25 in those neighborhoods that were installed in April. When the first phase of this expansion is complete, 14,500 new bikes will be available in the system.

The last Citi Bike expansion announcement in July only mentioned Upper Manhattan and the South Bronx. Citi Bike now says it’s just starting the community board outreach in those neighborhoods, and residents there will see their new Citi Bikes after Bushwick and Ridgewood.

But news of the bike share expansion has not been welcomed by everyone. Two members of Brooklyn's Community Board 4 published an op-ed this week urging the city not to bring Citi Bike to Bushwick until the city makes the streets safer.

“This summer, there was a city-wide spike in fatal cyclist collisions, including on both Bushwick Avenue and Broadway. Fourteen of the forty-six stations scheduled to be installed this fall are on Bushwick and Broadway,” they wrote. “Too often the comments of community boards are over-simplified when it comes to bikes and/or bike lanes. We are quickly labeled as ‘pro-car’ or ‘anti-bike’ without further attention to the root concerns and asks.”

The Citi Bike announcement comes a day after the Mayor’s Management Report finds 6,000 fewer adults are biking regularly in NYC compared to the last fiscal year, bringing the number down to 787,000. But Citi Bike annual membership grew by 4,337 over 2018 to 154,830. Cycling deaths have hit 21, more than double last year’s number as well.

Citi Bike, which was acquired by Lyft last year, broke its single day ridership record this month with 90,000 riders in one day.

The city hopes to double the number of Citi Bikes by 2023 to 40,000 bikes.