2006_02_cirque.jpgIn a victory for the city's theater industry and possibly good ol' fashioned American kitsch, the city's Planning Department has ruled Cirque du Soleil doesn't qualify as "legitimate theater." Therefore, the developer Related Companies won't get a special bonus for building at a lot on the far western part of West 42nd Street. Take that, Canada - you may have better healthcare and be the home of Degrassi and some Americans may go there to avoid fighting in wars no one believes in, but you can't take away money better spent on Madame Tussaud's! Oh, wait, Madame Tussaud's is British - maybe Disney wants to build a huge Chronicles of Narnia Experience there. Anywya, Related says they will look at their plans again, but most people do not think Cirque will happen (at least at that location) because, as the TImes reports, "of the prohibitive size and cost." And Related adds that the property is "not for sale, as of right now." Dunh dunh dunh.

People have been brewing about whether Cirque is legitimate theater for months now; Gothamist always thought what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, therebay negating any reason why Cirque should come - there are like 20 Cirque shows there!