There's nothing people like more than hearing about men (Orthodox Jewish rabbis) drawing the blood from a baby's circumcision (okay, "a bris") wound - and maybe giving the baby herpes. Reports of babies afflicted with herpes, apparently from the common denominator and mohel in the cases, surfaced last year in the NYC area. The city's Health Department has been trying to step in, even considering banning the practice, to uproar from both those in the ultra-Orthdox community and those outside it. The Mayor has stepped in recently, having a conversation with rabbis and the health department. Since the issue is so complicated, as it begs the question whether religious rituals should continue at the expense of public health (especially when a baby is involved), some wonder if the Mayorsaved this controversial issue for after the election. Well, this topic certainly is as sexy as affordable housing or the public school system, but it's way way grosser.

The Politicker has good coverage of the Satmar community's reaction, including the how pop culture is using the issue. And this is a perfect time to talk about the Little People Hanukkah Playset (via Daddy Types) - we want one for next Chrismukkah!