2008_12_seinmoy.jpg49-year-old John Singer of Queens is pissed about an article that appeared on the website of Centropa, a European oral-history project (tee-hee), wrongly claiming that he had not been circumcised. He's filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court seeking unspecified damages, claiming that, "Centropa.org and its editorial staff have violated my right to privacy of the most intimate part of my anatomy. They have caused me tremendous emotional pain and suffering. I feel humiliated and betrayed." According to Singer, the article misquoted his mother as saying her two sons had not been circumcised. He says he told Centropa's director this was incorrect, and was assured "that this material regarding my genitalia would never be published,"City Room reports. But it went online anyway, misleading the whole world into thinking that John F. Singer of Queens, New York totally has a foreskin. Image: From the Seinfeld episode The Bris