2008_11_circuity.jpgElectronic retailer Circuit City announced it will close 155 stores nationwide "in an effort to return the nation's No. 2 consumer electronics retailer to profitability," the AP reports. A total of eight stores will be closed in NY State, including the Gunhill Road store in the Bronx, Flatbush store in Brooklyn and East 86th Street store in Manhattan; two stores in NJ (and one in Connecticut will be closed. The company said it would open fewer stores (a new store opened at Broadway & 66th, in part of the old Tower Records space) and negotiate lower rents. This also means that thousands of jobs will be gone. The company's shares on the New York Stock Exchange have been trading under $1 in the past weeks; the NYSE warned Circuit City that it may be delisted if the stock continues to perform under $1..