One mugger and another mugging victim seem to realize the value of a good cigarette these days. On Tuesday, a career criminal was busted in Staten Island after demanding an off-duty cop buy him cigarettes. Antwan Webb and the cop had gotten into a car accident, and Webb yelled, "Take out your wallet, and give me your money. You are buying me a pack of cigarettes." The off-duty cop refused, and Webb punched him in the face. Unfortunately, with the city broke and in need of a nicotine fix, these crimes are becoming a bit more common.

A similar story played out in Manhattan last week, when a man got punched in the face by a mugger after he attempted to surrender a pack of cigarettes instead of his wallet on 65th Street and 5th Avenue. The mugger demanded cash, but the victim, clearly understanding which was more valuable, handed over his smokes instead. The mugger was so enraged that he punched the victim in the face and fled. What was he thinking?! Those cigarettes were worth at least $11!