For weeks, we've been molting in anticipation of the arrival of our cicada overlords—after 17 years of dormancy underground, billions of the Brood II cicadas have finally begun swarming the East Coast. Despite a few cicadas checking out all the hoopla in Brooklyn, most of them have been emerging in Staten Island, where thousands have been spotted over the last few days.

But we haven't even reached PEAK cicada yet: "Cicadas are pretty active on SI though not the high point yet, probably within a 1-2 weeks," Louis Sorkin, entomologist at the American Museum of Natural History, told us. "Last night was probably good for some activity since it was moist and warm. There are various programs to attend at Staten Island Museum regarding cicadas." Check out some videos, tweets and Vines of what's been going on below.

And of course, once these little creatures get comfortable, all the hot sexy insect action can get underway: "Once their wings are good and hard, they'll start flying," Ed Johnson, director of science for the Staten Island Museum, told SI Advance. "Then the males will start calling, and congregating in what are known as 'calling centers.' All the males call together, which makes [their sounds] that much louder. This attracts the females from all around," he said.

CBS has some tips about how you can better prepare your yard to become a sex dungeon for thousands of clicking bugs—but if you aren't as in love with cicadas as they are, you can always let your dog loose. He'll certainly appreciate it.