If, like us, you were planning on using this afternoon to apply for a new job online with the Central Intelligence Agency, you're out of luck. The website for the government agency responsible for keeping our nation's deepest, darkest secrets buried deep in the shame shadows has been compromised, according to the UGNazi hacker collective, which is claiming responsibility.

UGNazi, you may recall, is led by a 15-year-old hacker who goes by the name "Cosmo the God." He is currently on probation for bringing down several Washington, D.C. websites, including the CIA's site, in April. As part of his parole, he's prohibited from touching a computer without permission for the next six years. But Gizmodo speculates that the teen may have violated his parole yesterday by hacking or helping to hack the Twitter account of a prominent Westboro Baptist Church church member. (Cosmo's Twitter account has since been suspended.)

The CIA website was also brought down by Anonymous using a denial-of-service (Dos) attack in February. As of 4:30 today, the site has been down for over an hour. As an alternative, please note that the other CIA website is still kicking.