Many Catholics make sure to bring their belongings with them when going up to receive Communion so that they can make a quick dash for the exit upon taking part in the mass's climactic rite. But at Shrine Church of Saint Bernadette in Dyker Heights, church officials have begun encouraging parishoners to grab their things after a series of purse-snatchings occurred while churchgoers left their places for Communion. One woman said to the News, "If you can't trust your fellow worshipers when you are going for Communion, then you are going to hell." A member the church says that at least three purses were stolen recently, but none of the incidents were reported to the police. The spree did prompt Reverend Ponnachan Georgekutty to post a notice on the parish's website warning people not to leave anything behind during the sacrament, which he says has curbed the burglaries. One 74-year-old woman said to the News, "Is nothing sacred any more? Is nothing holy?"