Here's a video from Kelly Loudenberg, who writes, "The League of Humane Voters and The Church of Stop Shopping along with the vegan community and East Village residents teamed up this weekend for a rally to stop the closing of The Whole Earth Bakery on Saint Marks. Owner of the bakery, Peter Silvestri was there serving warm food and sweet treats to all."

And here's an update about what happened after Reverend Billy was arrested during his Saturday visit to the Starbucks at Astor Place. The Stop Shopping Monitor says that Reverend Billy was arrested "because he was preaching without identification," but they also claim his presence in a Starbucks might constitute trespassing anyway, since he's banned from all Starbucks all over the world. This is good to know: When you game the Starbucks condiment station, it's okay, but you can't exorcise the forces of capitalism there. (See video here.)