While the big story today is our city's crumbling mass transit infrastructure, spare a moment for our other crumbling infrastructure. To get more specific, this post is about the "softball-sized" pieces of concrete that fell from the Bayonne Bridge onto cars underneath the Staten Island to New Jersey crossing.

According to the NY Post, the chunks of concrete are falling from the bridge as crews do work to raise the roadbed to let bigger boats go under it and more traffic to pass over it. In the mean time though, concrete chunks have totaled four cars in an auto body lot under the bridge on Monday morning alone, and the lot's owner is foreseeing death "with decapitations and arms coming off" if one of the concrete pieces hits a human being.

According to a Port Authority spokesperson, the concrete chunks that fell on Monday morning were shaken loose by the demolition of a concrete pier next to Newark Avenue in Staten Island. There were no injuries reported and the cars that were damaged are going to be repaired.

"We are currently undertaking a full evaluation of today’s incident with our contractor to learn exactly what happened and to determine a proper course of action moving forward," the spokesperson told Gothamist. Until then, concrete demolition on the bridge will be suspended until the contractor doing the work can show a plan that will avoid more falling concrete incidents.

PIX11 reported earlier this year on the falling concrete, along with debris like epoxy, metal poles and lead paint chips, that had been falling on property beneath the bridge in Staten Island. The situation had gotten so bad that residents under or near the bridge said that they wouldn't even open their windows for fear of breathing in dust from the construction. "We don't let the kids come out to play cause we don't know what will fly off of here," Ronald Puzo told PIX 11.