New York Senator Chuck Schumer loves his Sunday press conferences, and this weekend was no different. After last week's surprising mid-week request for an ill-timed "Nerd Bus", Schumer was back to his old tricks on Sunday, calling on the FDA to better regulate laser pointers—which, yes, is a serious issue. But can we also just all acknowledge that there is something silly about seeing pictures of a United States Senator showing off how laser pointers work?

Anyway. Yesterday, Schumer announced he'd written a letter to the FDA asking the Administration to limit the strength of laser pointers in the wake of a number of recent dangerous situations involving the cheap lights and pilots. "Some people are using this technology recklessly," the Senior Democrat from New York said. Worse, "some who have far more evil intent may decide to use them as well."

"We want to show people it's dangerous. This is not just a funny prank," he went on. "It can be totally disorienting to a pilot. It can be deadly." As such, he wants most pointers to be sold at a lower strength, to have the sale of more powerful lasers restricted and to require warning labels that make it clear that directing them at aircraft is a federal offense (they already have warnings telling you not to point them in your eye).