Chuck Schumer: America's overprotective dad. After trying to warn us about the dangers of alcoholic energy drinks, reusable bags and fake maple syrup, he's now imploring the FTC to force internet retailers to notify shoppers of "restocking fees" in bigger print before they make a purchase. "Restocking fees are a gratuitous attempt to make a buck off a product that has been returned by a consumer who decides that they don't really like it," he told reporters. This would have been a big help before Cyber Monday, Chuck.

The Daily News notes that popular retailers like Apple, Amazon, Best Buy and Target charge anywhere between 10% and 25% for online returns. Apple mentions it pretty explicitly under their Help tab, but we can't find any evidence of a restocking fee after a cursory click-through on Amazon. And while actual stores are required to display return information at cash registers, there is no law on the Internet: The Last Frontier. Schumer doesn't take kindly to ripoffs in this here series of tubes, pardner.