GM's OnStar system is so concerned about finding you the closest car wash and finding you an Ethiopian restaurant that the company tracks the location and speed of its customers long after their subscriptions have expired. US Senator and Big Apple Juice enemy Chuck Schumer takes issue with OnStar knowing where you are and whether you're listening to Linkin Park. "OnStar is attemping one of the most brazen invasions of privacy in recent memory," Schumer tells CBS. "I urge OnStar to abandon." There's no point in abandoning your vehicle though: that OnStar computer chip lodged in your temple isn't going anywhere.

OnStar claims that customers are aware that they are tracking their every move after their contracts expire, and they can always tell the company to stop the tracking. The company also "reserves the right to share or sell data on customers' speed, location, use of seat belts and other practices," but "hasn't done so and doesn't plan to." And when a corporation says they're going to be responsible with your personal data, they mean it!

The Senator isn't buying OnStar's excuses, and is writing an angry letter to the FTC and the company stating that GPS monitoring should cease as soon as the service does. If only there were a way to get around that didn't involve getting in a motor vehicle at all. What remains completely legal however, are advertisements that pretty much ensure that you will NOT survive a car accident without OnStar.