2005_04_charlescamilla.jpgEven though it happened across the pond, Gothamist was a little obssessed with Prince Charles and Camilla's marriage yesterday because when we were wee, we remembered watching Prince Charles's first marriage. Mainly, Gothamist was watching for the fashion. We absolutely loved Philip Treacy's awesome hat and headdress - they beautiful and whimsical and the headdress especially was just a shade short of loony and somehow worked for this post-menopausal (we assume) princess.

The Sunday-Mirror gives Camilla the thumbs up on her outfits. The official news from the website of HRH Prince of Wales. The guest list is a hoot; and how did Joan Rivers get invited? And Gothamist loves how stateside producers reverted to comparing this wedding with the first, because Princess Di is a guaranteed ratings bait.

Photo from the Agence France Press