chilly_accuwx0409.jpgAs noted elsewhere, yesterday was the coldest Easter Sunday in 67 years. This past Christmas and New Year's were warmer, as was Martin Luther King's Birthday. Yesterday's temperatures were more appropriate for mid-February than early April and more snow fell during a Yankees game yesterday.

We should rebound a little today, but don't expect to see normal temperatures –highs should be in the upper-50s this time of year– until Friday at the earliest. Interestingly, perhaps only to weather geeks like Gothamist, the Weather Service prediction for every day this week is five or more degrees warmer than that being forecast by the Weather Channel, AccuWeather, and Intellicast. We wonder who will be correct?

The consensus forecast being: mostly clear, with highs around 50 today through Wednesday. Thursday is looking cooler and rainy. Warming back up to around 50 again on Friday and maybe slightly warmer on Saturday. After Saturday we don't care as Gothamist will be out of town for ten days.

Chilly weather map from AccuWeather.