The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is up, and thus begins the semi-official start of the holiday season and throngs and throngs of tourists - from far away and near - to Midtown. On November 16, next Tuesday, a special Swarovski-designed star will be topping the tree, and the official tree lighting ceremony is on November 30. Think 30,000 lights being put on by a dozen electricians! You have some time to build up your strength for visiting the tree, because the crowds are unbelievably fierce in wanting to see the tree. Gothamist can't blame them, because seeing the tree in the middle of skyscrapers and the bustle can be magical.

All your Christmas Tree detail at WNBC's Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree page. And there is a Tree Cam. And whatisee sent a link to his photos (one of which we've reduced at left).