"I was shopping. The baby was asleep. That’s my baby," a 25-year-old Staten Island mother reportedly told police who arrested her on Christmas Eve after she allegedly left her 15-month-old child alone in a Volvo at the Hylan Shopping Plaza. Pimyuk and her child's 27-year-old father, Orest Babchuk, were arrested and now face charges of child endangerment.

The baby was in the unattended car in the lot—where temperatures were about 40°—for at least a half hour, and was luckily noticed by another shopper who called a child abuse hotline. The NYPD quickly showed up and their Emergency Service Unit broke into the car to remove the young boy and take him to the Staten Island University hospital. He's doing fine.

The child's parents were locked up for Chistmas Eve and were released on their own recognizance Christmas morning. They're due back in court February 8.