Have you stepped outside today yet? If not, then forget the jacket, the sweater, the long underwear, the knit hat, the gloves, the scarf, the hoodie, the cardigan, the ear warmers, and the boots. Santa Claus isn't coming to town, Global Warming is.

NYC has already smashed the record for warmest Christmas Eve ever—we broke the previous record of 63 degrees, set in 1996, around midnight, and we're well on our way to mid-70s temperatures. Meteorologists expect the temperatures to hit a high of 74 today, which would make today as warm as July 4th, 2014, and possibly as warm as July 4th, 2015.

It's so warm outside in New York today, even Albany is toastier than Phoenix.

At least this is shockingly good news for ice cream vendors around the city: "It’s a one-time-in-20-year event," Rad Lopez, who sells ice cream from the Fun Time Frostee truck at Sixth Avenue and West 48th Street, told the Post. "It’s a blessing from the gods." Or perhaps a blessing from someone who really wants to kill off Christmas trees.

Tomorrow's Christmas temperatures are expected to drop off to the mid-60s, so get your humidity bathing in today while you can.

But whatever happens, don't let the weather distract you from picking up that Christmas turkey: