2005_12_dollheadhostage.jpgIt only seems right that when the NY Post puts your home's unusual Christmas display on the front cover that the nuts come out. On East 18th Street, the Krupnik-Castellanos family had created a "anti-commercialization of Christmas" display, involving a knife-wiedling Santa holding a bloodied severed doll head, plus many naked Barbies and other doll heads on entwined in Christmas lights on the trees, much to the disgust and delight of neighbors and people walking by. Now, the Post says a group, The 7th Avenue Boys for a Merry Christmas, has "kidnapped" the doll head
(here's a nice close-up of the head in the display), saying that they will only give the doll head back if Krupnik:

- Remove the display and write a thousand times, "I am sorry for being a bad boy. Next year I promise to be on top of Santa's good boy list!"
- Or, take his family to see Santa at Macy's in Herald Square, sit on Santa's lap and tell him "what a bad boy he has been."

Or else, "the head will be 'handed to our renegade elves at the North Pole and used to make wooden toy dolls for the boys and girls of New York City next Christmas.'" And the group brilliantly included photographs of the doll being menaced by a candy cane!

Only owner Joel Krupnik says he'll just use another doll head in the display. Plus, Krupnik would like everyone to know that he'll auction the "Bad Santa" later and donate the proceeds to charity. Hmm, before Krupnik replaces the head, maybe this is your chance to pose with the Bad Santa - just bring some ketchup to decorate your face, you know, poor man's CSI-like.