2008_12_lottog.jpgThere's nothing like a real-life heartwarming tale around the holidays. This feelgood story happened in Queens and involves a 92-year-old woman, a 24-year-old store supermarket clerk and a discarded scratch-off lottery ticket. NY1 and the Post report on Mary Alice Fallon, who is now a millionaire.

The great-grandmother, a regular at the Breezy Point establishment, purchased three tickets on November 24th and, believing they were losers, discarded them on the counter. Enter Chris Connelly, the clerk who works at his parent's shop and put them through the scanner for double-checking. Lo and behold: one came up a winner! "The machine's instructions were for the winner to claim the prize at lottery headquarters, an indication the ticket was worth more than $600." Connelly told the woman to wait, "you have a big winner here." Scratching off the squares she had missed, he saw just how big a winner his loyal customer was.

She told reporters: "If it wasn't for Chris and his honesty, I could have thrown away $1 million without knowing it." Connelly, who says, "It would have been bad karma if I kept it," was rewarded with $700. (Fallon divided the riches amongst her seven children, which comes to about $4K/per child/each year for 20 years, and they each gave him 100 bucks.) If you're in the area, reward Connelly some more by spending your money at the family business.