Next Friday will be a big one for the new City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. It's St. Patrick's Day, and the Speaker usually marches in the parade, alongside the Mayor and other city officials. But Quinn is in the process of deciding whether she will attend, because of the parade does not allow gay groups to march. Quinn was arrested in 1999 for trying to march in the Bronx St. Patrick's Day parade, and has criticized the Mayor for marching in the "exclusive" Fifth Avenue parade. Gay activists are hoping that her presence as a lesbian public official will pave the way for Irish LBG groups to march, but as Newsday points out the parade organizers are fine with gays marching - as long as they are not part of an organized gay group - we doubt the parade will change that easily. But we will Quinn will march - but maybe with an upside-down clover in protest. At any rate, she'll keep us on our toes till the day itself - she'll decide then.

And can you belive it's only seven days until the St. Patrick's Day Parade? If last weekend's St. Patrick's Day parade in Hoboken is a preview, you best bring your galoshes. The parade will start at 11AM, on Fifth Avenue at 44th Street all the way up to 86th Street.