Incumbent NJ Governor Jon Corzine will face off with former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, who won the Republican primary yesterday, in this year's gubernatorial election. Christie defeated Steve Lonegan, who staked out a more conservative position, and will be set on blaming Corzine for NJ's terrible financial state; he said, "For the past four years Jon Corzine has made bad choices - choices that have plunged New Jersey deeper into debt, increased the tax burden on working families, and driven business across our borders to Pennsylvania, Delaware and even New York.” Corzine was on the attack last night, "There were a lot of statements in the Republican primary that I know are contrary to where New Jerseyans feel on a woman's right to choose, on gun control, on a whole host of issues, in addition to whose taxes get cut, how many people get laid off." Politico reports that with Corzine's poor ratings, the GOP hopes to use a NJ gubernatorial victory as a "springboard to a national comeback in the 2010 midterm elections." Related: Primary participation was around 10%, lower than previous primaries.