Chris Christie really doesn't want to give back that $271 million in funding for the ARC Trans-Hudson Express tunnel he canceled in October. Like, at all. "We are not paying the money back," he announced yesterday on a radio call-in show on the deadline for Jersey to pay back the Federal Transit Administration.

Of course, this wasn't the first deadline the state has already missed—at one point it was due on Christmas Eve—a point Christie was more than happy to make. When a reporter asked him about the missed deadlines but admitted he'd lost count of how many there had been, the rotund gov replied "so have I, so let’s not worry about it."

Christie seems to be arguing that since the federal government had released the money without final approval or safeguards in place to prevent waste, it was fair game for Jersey to keep it. Either way, we're sure Schumer is going to love this. But we're also kind of hoping that the push Obama announced last night for more railways will help bring the project back. The tunnel isn't a bad idea, just a poorly budgeted one.