Christie Trades Insults With Callers During WFAN 'Audition'

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Chris Christie is not having the best week/month/year/post-Hurricane Sandy. After brushing off a ravishing 15 percent approval rating by lounging at a shuttered beach during a government shutdown (that he instigated), Christie's faced Twitter backlash, an ethics complaint, still-dismal approval rating, plus he might lose his beach house! At least he has his burgeoning radio career to fall ba—oh, hm.

More on that in a minute, but first: The NY Post reports today that a sparkling 80 percent of New Jersey residents disapprove of Christie's performance as governor, according to a recent Monmouth University poll. Those numbers are in line with a similar, pre-Beachgate poll out of Quinnipiac, but show a staggering fall-from-grace from last year, in which only 63 percent of NJ residents disapproved of Christie.

Only 15 percent of adults in the state approve of the governor, down from 27 percent last year. And 55 percent of residents say the state is worse off now than it was before Christie took office. Respondents seemed particularly irked by Christie's infamous beach visit—in which he was photographed lounging outside the governor's residence on Island Beach State Park in the midst of a shutdown—using choice words like, "SELFISH," "DISGUSTED," HYPOCRITE," "ARROGANT" and "JACKASS" to describe it.

“It really is difficult to drive approval ratings into the single digits barring something like a criminal conviction. However, you have to admire Christie’s seeming tenacity for trying to get his numbers down to that level,” Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, told the Post.

So, suffice it to say, things aren't going super well for Christie, who's heading into his last few months in office. He has, however, been working on his radio voice amid speculation he'll be taking over for retiring WFAN660 sports host Mike Francesca, and today he's filling in for the Sports Pope to audition for the gig. Let's see how that's going:

Guess it's going well!

Then, like all cranky radio hosts, he called a caller a "bum."

Note that this whole experience started off with a bang.

At least Christie and I have found some common ground.

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