NJ Governor Chris Christie said he spoke to his new best friend forever President Obama, congratulating him on his re-election. But to everyone who hates Christie for being so nice to Obama, he declares, "We didn’t have a political strategy discussion."

According to Bloomberg News, Christie said he did contact Mitt Romney, but only through email, "No; we exchanged e-mails last night. We haven’t spoken on the phone yet." Hmm—Mitt might be too "shell-shocked" to take calls. But Christie did remark on the state of the Republican party, saying "We have to look forward to what our challenges are in the future. This election is over. So we have to look forward to the next challenges." Like running against Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Today, the NY Times reported on how the presidential race unfolded with bumps for both Obama and Romney, "In Boston, Mr. Romney’s aides broke out in a chorus of groans as they watched on television as Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey offered effusive praise of the president’s handling of the disaster. They viewed it as a self-serving act of disloyalty from a man whom they had expected to deploy that very weekend on Mr. Romney’s behalf."