NJ Governor Chris Christie called a "state of emergency" today, as Hurricane Irene approaches the Northeast. He said, "Do not try to ride it out. It is not the smart thing to do," and urged people planning on visiting the Jersey Shore, "Do not go."

However, Christie did not make a mandatory evacuation. By calling a "state of emergency," that allows the National Guard to be deployed to help municipalities. Here's NJ's Hurricane Preparedness website (which is getting a lot of traffic).

The Star-Ledger reports, "The Federal Emergency Management Agency said it would send workers to every state along the East Coast and was setting up a stockpile of supplies including ready-to-eat meals, water and generators at New Jersey's McGuire Air Force Base. The nature of New Jersey's coastline could make evacuations tricky. Several locations that swell with vacationers and summer residents are on long, narrow barrier islands where causeway traffic jams are a part of life on most summer weekends. And some of the key shore roads are low-lying and flood-prone."