0807dailybale.jpgIn his first public comments since being questioned by London police on Tuesday for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister, Christian Bale today asked the press to respect his “privacy,” which – given the current Dark Knight media saturation – is respected about as much as Princess Di’s privacy in the summer of ’97. The latest tabloid take on the altercation has it that Bale’s sister Sharon, a computer programmer with three kids, was pressuring Bale for a $200,000 loan in his hotel suite the night before the London premiere.

Apparently, tickets to The Dark Knight just weren’t enough for his sister, and when Bale refused to cough up the money, his mother butted into the ensuing argument. Bale became livid when she insulted his wife, and may or may not have "pushed and shoved" them, depending on whether you believe the ex-circus clown mother and her parasitical daughter, or the big Hollywood celebrity. Bale admittedly has a hot temper; the London Sun dug up a quote from a previous interview, in which the actor concedes, “Everyone loses their sh** on occasions, don’t they? Like, ‘Oh God, what demon possessed me to do that?’” Hmm... the demon that hates it when your mom trash-talks your wife, maybe?

Photo of Bale via National Post.