The son of Giants legend Phil Simms was in court yesterday, fighting charges that he was driving while stoned—and with his pregnant wife in the car!—in June. According to court documents, Chris Simms, a quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, told the cops, "I was smoking marijuana in the car earlier," but now he says the cops misunderstood and misquoted him!

Simms was stopped at a DWI checkpoint at West Houston at 1:30 a.m. Cops say Simms admitted to smoking pot, "I took four puffs... There's nothing in the car... I smoked everything before," but the Post reports that his lawyers are trying to get his statements thrown out —"along with his refusal to submit to urine and coordination tests — on grounds that cops had no proper cause to stop and question him at a DWI checkpoint." And his legal team may also spring witnesses like his wife to say that Simms didn't smoke marijuana in the car. Cops, however, say his eyes were bloodshot and his behavior was "excited" and "talkative," plus his feet were "swaying."

Simms, who turned down a no-jail plea deal ("admit he was smoking and driving and get sentenced to pay a $500 fine, serve three days' community service and suffer a six-month license revocation"), spoke to the The Tennessean about the fuss, "I feel like I can handle it, but when situations like that happen, I know my dad is going to get drug through the mud... I thought about Coach Fisher and the Titans because (Fisher) gave us a speech our last day there (in June), ‘Don’t be the dumb (expletive)’ basically. And there I was being the dumb (expletive)."