Chris Simms, son of beloved NY Giant Phil Simms, was arrested earlier this morning: The Post says the 29-year-old Tennessee Titans backup quarterback "was busted early this morning in the West Village driving high on marijuana with his 8-months pregnant wife in the passenger seat," while the Daily News reports he was "pulled over at a DWI checkpoint on W. Houston St. at 1:30 a.m., the sources said."

A News source says, "He was so stoned he couldn't keep his mouth shut, and admitted he smoked a joint in the car. The smell of pot just came off his clothes and out of his car." Simms was reportedly "slurring his speech, his eyes appeared red and his face was flushed when he was stopped by police, the sources said" and "walked erratically when he stepped out of" a Mercedes-Benz.

However, Simms' lawyer said, "My client never admitted to smoking marijuana that night. He said he was smoking cigarettes that night... Witnesses will also corroborate that he never smoked marijuana in the car that day. It is absurd to think... he would ever drive in any condition intoxicated while his wife was eight months pregnant. There is nothing in his record whatsoever that suggests he would be that reckless." Simms himself said the case was "weak." He'll be back in court in August.

The Post adds that Simms "turned down a prosecution deal to plead guilty, pay a $500 fine, serve three days community service and have his license revoked for six months." The Titans said, "We are aware of the reports and are in the process of gathering more information."

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said of driving while impaired, "It endangers all of us. Driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of drugs. If you're going to go some place by yourself and hurt yourself thats one thing. When you put the rest of the public at risk, that's another thing and that's our business. That's where we intervene."