Last night on Saturday Night Live, Chris Rock appeared on the cold open (what's a cold open?) to give his thoughts about the 2008 presidential race. While his riff on Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was great, it was also a little too long for our meager transcribing chops this morning. So we give you his thoughts on the Republican contenders:

On the Republican side, we have McCain and Giuliani. Now, is it just me or wasn't McCain too old eight years ago?

And then we have Giuliani. Now Giuliani's great. He's great - in a crisis. But in real life, Giuliani's kinda like a pit bull. He's great when you have a burglar, but if you don't, he just might eat your kid.

You can see Rock's whole segment on the Saturday Night Live website.

Rock also has a movie that opened this week, I Think I Love My Wife. While the NY Times film critic A.O. Scott seemed to enjoy it, we're wary but ultimately curious, since we love Chloe in the Afternoon by the brilliant Eric Rohmer.