Chris Christie, the famed New Jersey governor with a face for radio, is currently enjoying a rollicking 15 percent approval rating following a little scandal involving a shuttered beach and Christie, you know, sitting on it. But it appears Christie's less perturbed about earning his entire constituency's ire than he is about the fact that the mean memes made his kids sad, which is kind of sweet if you think about it, but not sweet enough for me to change my Christie Sandcastle desktop wallpaper.

Christie appeared on his monthly call-in radio program "Ask the Governor on NJ 101.5 FM last night and addressed some of the so-called #Beachgate drama, in which he was photographed sitting on Island Beach State Park in the midst of a budget shutdown that left state parks and beaches closed. The backlash was rough, the photo went viral, and the memes apparently hurt his kids' feelings. "They were more hurt by this latest episode than they've been hurt by anything else that has happened in the eight years and they don't understand people's unfairness and, quite frankly, their ignorance," Christie said on the radio.

It appears Christie's children didn't care much for this:

Or this one:

Or my personal favorite:

Christie says his kids "blame themselves" for the scandal, since he had reportedly flown to the Governor's summer retreat at Island Beach State Park to spend time with them and their friends. But Christie is an adult, after all, and considering other families with residences at Island Beach State Park were ordered out of their homes during the budget crisis, it's hard to photoshop a violin tiny enough to accompany his family's pain.