Things are looking up for the Stormin' Mormon: according to various reports, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will endorse Mitt Romney's presidential bid at 3 p.m. Billionaire GOP donors have less than one hour to convince Christie to run unless they throw down a few million to stop Greenwich Mean Time so they can have that custom-made helicopter painted "Jersey Buff."

A Romney aide tells the National Review that the two pals have "been talking off and on since the spring," and that this weekend they totally Bro'd out: "Mitt and Ann had a chance to spend personal time with Gov. Christie and his wife at their home in New Jersey, and Gov. Christie told Mitt at that meeting he was going to endorse him." Our source tells us that the moment came after Christie beat Romney in a game of Super Mario Kart, and Christie graciously gave him his last Hi-C.

While this endorsement will make it easier for the establishment to rally around Romney, what may seal the deal for Mittens is if Christie runs as his Vice President. Not that Christie would take the job, but he'll probably make us think he would for a long, long time. We've gone into the future and obtained exclusive video of the press conference:

At press time, President Obama couldn't provide comment because he was manically cackling in the Oval Office.