Yesterday, a group of Republican businessmen from Iowa came all the way to New Jersey to beg Chris Christie to run for president. After two and a half hours, Christie reportedly refused, and excused himself so that he could attend his son's baseball game. But instead of taking a car like any other frugal, straight-talking Republican, he took a helicopter, like a lobbyist. Or a guy who said "I know I can win" in 2012. Christie's spokesman told reporters that "The governor's use of the helicopter was completely appropriate and within allowable guidelines. He uses the helicopter very sparingly." Presumably to pick up dry cleaning, prune trees on his property, and do wicked "air donuts."

Given that Christie just vetoed $3,036.80 from the South Jersey Port Corporation for "wining and dining," it's going to be difficult for the governor to explain how his helicopter ride (which cost $1,830 an hour in 2004) isn't wasteful—it's not even playoff season. As the WSJ notes, several New Jersey governors were scrutinized for their excessive helicopter use until Governor Jon Corzine's 2007 car crash, after which a state panel said helicopter travel "can be faster and safer on heavily scheduled days."

This doesn't seem to be the case for yesterday, as "Christie had no public schedule of events." Great news for his son though! Now he has zero excuses to miss a second of his son's baseball games, unlike SOME dads who are still out picking up a pack of cigarettes.