After telling residents and visitors of the Jersey shore yesterday to "get the hell off the beach" because they've already "maximized [their] tan," New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took to the podium earlier today to detail efforts to evacuate seniors and those who remain in the path of Hurricane Irene but refuse to leave. However, the Governor may be unintentionally on to something with his zen-like solution to the state's PR problem: "The best way to preserve human life on the Jersey shore, is for there to be no human beings on the Jersey shore, given what's to come." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Patch reports that while 90 percent of the residents of Long Beach Island, Cape May and Atlantic counties have been evacuated, Christie singled out Atlantic City residents for stubbornly resisting government warnings. "I can't make you leave your home and I am certainly not going to place you under arrest to make you leave," he said. By not boarding an evacuation bus, "you are placing yourself in greater danger."

The governor cited one woman who was approached by first responders and urged to evacuate, but told them, "If I die, so be it." On the polar opposite of the bravery spectrum, TMZ reports that MTV flew most of the cast of the Jersey Shore out of New York City to LA last night on a private jet. Thankfully, their contractually-obligated appearances at tomorrow's MTV Video Awards will be honored.