Just five days ago, NJ Governor Chris Christie's poltiical career seemed more and more DOA, as Donald Trump was trailing in the polls and two of his cronies were convicted of conspiracy in the Bridgegate trial. But it's November 9th and now everything is coming up Christie!

Last night, Christie was highly visible at Trump's victory party. The president-elect gave him a shout-out, saying, "Governor Chris Christie, folks, was unbelievable." And Trump has tasked him with handling his transition, because who better to serve President Trump than your most loyal, slavish surrogate? Christie is Smithers to Trump's Mr. Burns.

Earlier speculation had Rudy Giuliani as a possible Attorney General, Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State and Reince Priebus as chief of staff. Today the NY Times reports that Christie is among "the candidates for cabinet secretaries and advisers."

What could scandal-plagued Christie actually do? NJ.com spoke to a few political operatives, who offered these ideas:

Head of strategic initiatives for President George W. Bush, 2002-2007

"I have no idea what role Governor Christie might play. He was there early supporting Trump, but on the other hand, he's tangled in scandal. For most administrations, that would be a problem. For Donald Trump, that might be a further qualification for a post."

Former deputy assistant for domestic policy under President George W. Bush

"A very big job. Think White House chief of staff, attorney general, or homeland security secretary. Something non-Senate confirmed may be a better fit. Although the media would go nuts if he went to the Department of Justice (as attorney general) if there is still an active Bridge investigation or the possibility of one."

Former chief spokesman for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

"He can get a good White House job but nothing that requires Senate approval, because he can't get through Senate confirmation."

Director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia

"Surely he'll get a cabinet appointment. Don't know which one. Look at what's come out about Trump. Would he really penalize Christie for his (Bridgegate) scandal?"

Christie would be the perfect person to help Trump carry out revenge plots—apparently the Classiest President-Elect ever has an enemies list and we know what Christie can do when someone crosses him.