Governors Christie and Cuomo finally ended their "outrage" of the Port Authority's massive proposed toll hikes by pitching much smaller increases—an extra $1.50 for Hudson River crossings and $0.25 a year for the next four years for a PATH ride—and yesterday the increases passed. Hooray for carefully choreographed political theater! But Christie's critics are calling the move a "tax increase," something the governor has avoided like non-propeller based transportation. "It's a user fee," Christie tells the Star-Ledger, "It's not a tax. I know what a tax is and what it looks like."

Christie goes on to somehow echo both Sarah Palin and Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart in his defense of the "not-tax": "You can look at a pig and call it a horse and if lots of people call it a horse, it's still a pig." Exactly. It's like when some people call depriving New Jersey's schoolchildren of a "thorough" education, "fulfilling the promise of a smaller government," when really, it's just depriving New Jersey's schoolchildren of a "thorough" education.

After the PA's ugly overtime records came to light, Christie also called for a "top to bottom" audit of the agency's finances, which he'll probably read while he's campaigning in Iowa.