New Jersey Governor, non-presidential candidate and Mitt Romney supporter, Chris Christie went on MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning and got right to business, dropping doozies left and right. To start, he dinged on host Mika Brzezinski for being in the "tank" for President Obama, then made some swipes at the President himself (including a few arguably false statements), all the while praising his man Mitt every chance he got. "My problem with the President is that he has not stepped up and led," Christie said, later adding that Obama is "probably the weakest president I’ve seen in my lifetime," and arguing that "I’ve had to face much tougher things in New Jersey from a political perspective than [Obama] has."

Other fun bits in the twenty-minute segment (below) include when he said that Obama "frittered" away a filibuster-proof two-year stint (two years, 14 weeks, same diference) and his attempts to defend Mitt Romney's non-presence ("Do I wish that Mitt would be a little edgier and a little bolder? Sure," he said. "I’ve told him that and he knows that I feel that way. He is who he is.") not to mention his digs at Newt Gingrich's chances of taking Jersey (not likely—"He was very unpopular in New Jersey even back then. I think people saw him as uncompromising and incendiary when he was speaker."). But the part where he tries to compare his manhandling of the Jersey legislature with Obama's tenure is the most quotable.

"Look at what we’ve gotten done," Christie crowed in statements already disputed by his fellow lawmakers. "Two percent property tax [cap]. Interest arbitration cap, sweeping pension and benefit reform. All done in a bipartisan way. Did I get every bit of what I wanted? No. There is always a boulevard that exists between getting everything you want and compromising your principals. Sometimes it’s narrow, sometimes it’s broad. A leader’s job is to navigate on to that boulevard." Time for the Dems to cue Obama's "Ask Osama bin Laden" clip?

Oh, finally, just in case you were curious about Christie's thoughts about being Veep? He has them! "If Gov. Romney ever offered me that job, he and I would have a conversation about it," he said. But "If you were a betting person, I wouldn’t bet on a Romney-Christie ticket. I just don’t see myself as vice president of the United States."