Chris Christie may now hold the answer to his "do or die" dilemma on whether to run for president in 2012. A Quinnipiac poll asked respondents to rate leaders from 0 to 100 degrees on a 'feeling thermometer,' with the highest numbers reflecting the warmest feelings," and New Jersey's possibly svelter Governor was rated the highest politician, with 57 degrees. Barring an unexpected shakeup at the editorial board of Teen Beat, this is perhaps the only time Christie's name will sit next to the word "Hottest" in a headline.

Christie beat out other white male Republican presidential hopefuls like Mike Huckabee (51.8) Mitt Romney (50.4) and Ron Paul (46.3), while Newt Gingrich (38.2) and Sarah Palin (38.2) clearly have some PR rehab ahead of them. Certainly the poll bodes well for the Governor Christie, though it's worth noting that the "hottest" overall person on the list is Michelle Obama (60.1), followed by Bill Clinton (59.2), with President Obama (56.5) nipping at Christie's heels.

True, Christie supports the First Lady's healthy eating campaign. But given that the public backs the union movement in Wisconsin, it may be wise for Christie to begin tempering his union-busting image if he wants to stay competitive with Mr. Obama in 2012; that and a fabulous Jason Wu dress couldn't hurt.