One year before he faces re-election, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is flying high in the polls. According to Farleigh Dickinson University the Rubenesque governor is approved of by 56 percent of New Jersey voters—including 36 percent of the Garden State's democrats. That's way up from the the 44 percent overall approval rating he got last May. Our favorite part of the poll, however, is probably the steady one percent of those New Jersey residents who just didn't know who Chris Christie, their own governor, was. America!

Meanwhile, Christie's popularity, coming despite complaints from critics about his personal spending on the government dime, just brings more weight to the never-ending rumors of his being Mitt Romney's potential running mate this year (we're skeptical, and the conventional wisdom is he's waiting for 2016). It also should give prospective Christie challengers reason to pause before throwing their hat in the ring. Unless they are a superhero, of course.