Yesterday, NJ Governor Chris Christie suffered a severe asthma attack and was hospitalized for a few hours. The rumored 2012 presidential candidate—or VP candidateadmitted his weight causes problems. "I think the weight exacerbates everything," he said last night. "The lighter I am, the healthier I'll be... I feel a pretty big sense of urgency [to lose weight]. It's one of the major struggles of my life. I'm working on it."

Christie was honest, too, saying "I weigh too much because I eat too much. And I eat some bad things too." He had used an inhaler, but "It didn’t give me the kind of release I normally get," so the state troopers he was traveling with decided to take him to the hospital. But Christie didn't blame his weight for the incident. He said the humidity was what got to him, adding that "Despite the well chronicled issues of my weight, I’ve been healthy by the normal indicators."

Newton Medical Center's manager of respiratory care, Robert Guardabasco, explained to the Star-Ledger why excess weight is problematic for asthma sufferers: The additional body mass "can hinder the movement of the body’s diaphragm, a sheet of muscle that extends across the midsection of the chest." He said, "If you're overweight, it can't drop well because the stomach's in the way."

The Daily News reports that Christie was at work today with lots of weight/fat puns.