Chris Christie is still running for president, for some reason, his campaign chugging along at a respectable 2 percent in the polls. Still, he's doing nowhere near as well as human troll doll Donald Trump or even the 15-year-old behind Deez Nuts, and he's sure to face a real challenge once this dog mayor throws her hat into the presidential ring. And so, Christie went on The Tonight Show to remind us that he's STILL HERE, dammit, and he might even be able to answer a debate question someday.

The New Jersey governor sat down with host Jimmy Fallon last night, who pointed out that Christie didn't get much time to shine during last month's GOP debate. "There was one point where I went 20 questions in a row without being asked a question. And that’s hard," Christie said. "“I’m standing up there, standing next to Marco Rubio. We’re looking at each other, going: ‘Are we still here? Is this still on? Do our mics work?'”

He also does not seem to care much for Trump: "Everything he does is fabulous, wonderful, spectacular, amazing. It's the best," he told Fallon, though that sarcasm won't help him much when Trump redecorates the White House with classy gold trim.

Anyway, you can watch some of the interview below:

And here's a fun tale about an ice cream run Christie went on with dream team Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio:

Donald Trump, who is currently the GOP frontrunner because we were all demons in a past life, will be on Fallon on September 11th.