The Republican National Convention seems to have its keynote speaker and that Republican is? According to reports, New Jersey's own ice cream-loving, highly YouTube-able governor, Chris Christie. Will the entertaining, outspoken, bullying and aggressive gov just rehash his current almost stump speech or try out something new?

Since he decided not to run for President in 2012, there has been much speculation about the quotable governor—including pressure for his buddy Mitt to pick him as a running mate. The keynote spot, however, should tamp down that idea a bit. If anything, the keynote could give Christie a good national platform to introduce himself to the nation in preparation for 2016—it worked for Obama! Though, maybe not. Do many Americans watch the conventions anymore unless they already know who everyone is?

Previous GOP convention keynote speakers include the mayor of 9/11 town himself, Rudy Giuliani, in 2008 and Colin Powell in 2000. This year's RNC is going to be held in Tampa from August 27-30.