This year Chris Christie has gone from constantly denying any interest in running for President in 2012 to flirting with the idea to denying any interest while clearly showing intrest to being actively courted by the GOP. Is America ready for an overweight presidential candidate? We may soon find out! For once non-News Corp. sources are now also saying he's seriously mulling a run while he gives a talking tour around the country. But if he is going to make a bid, he doesn't have much time!

Though the election still seems far off, big deadlines are quickly approaching. Like, if he'd like to be in the Florida primary he needs to file there by Halloween. And putting together a campaign so quickly is not an easy thing to do. Still, the fact that more and more pols keep popping up to push him to run certainly makes it seem plausible he'll make a go for it. The lastest addition to that pack? George Pataki, who put out a statement yesterday saying “This country needs a straight shooter and a proven leader” and that “I urge Governor Chris Christie to run for president to fill the void and lead America forward.”

One of the major, non-political, obstacles facing Christie (besides concerns about his weight) has been his wife—Christie is on the record saying she would kill him if he ran—but apparently former First Ladies have teamed up to deal with that problem. While Nancy Reagan reportedly pushed Christie to run, Barbara Bush also "called Mary Pat to assuage her concerns about life in the White House," according to a Star-Ledger source.

Whatever Christie chooses to do, he's mostly likely going to have to do it this week. Which is fine by us. "Will he or won't he" games get really boring really fast.