Helicopter passenger screening is being taken over by the federal government in NYC, after reports that Al-Qaeda was looking at tourist choppers as ways to attack the city, leaving the Mayor to remind New Yorkers this is nothing new, saying, "Using an aircraft as a weapon, whether it is a fixed wing or a rotary aircraft, is nothing new. We learned that lesson on 9/11 at enormous cost." That's true - for about two years after September 11th, Gothamist would look up at the sky wonder if that helicopter or plane should really be in the air...we went back to wondering if a bird would poop on us, but change is okay. The news of the helicopter threat gave area reporters the opportunity to ride in tourist helicopters themselves and see what new screening procedures were taking place (a Daily News reporter's trip is headlined "unsettling" after her companion's bag wasn't inspected at all). And then there's the issue of it being pretty easy to get a limousine driver's license in the city... Oh, to go back to complaining about the subway's photo ban again.

WNBC's terror related stories all have NYC's terror alert and pertinent phone numbers on it, which is nice but maybe a little alarmist.