The fallout from the bust of a small cocaine delivery ring continued today with the arraignment of Mark Crumpacker, the top Chipotle executive entangled in the indictment of alleged kingpin Kenny Hernandez. Crumpacker was arrested at 9 a.m. this morning and charged with cocaine possession; he was released on $4,500 cash bail and will face his next court date in September.

The case against Crumpacker includes 13 phone conversations with the service allegedly operated by Hernandez. According to the prosecution, Crumpacker would order cocaine delivered to his apartment near Union Square, in a sum totaling $3,000, a paltry amount when compared to the $4.3 million Crumpacker earned last year.

The timing of these alleged scores couldn't look worse for the embattled executive. From NBC New York:

According to the indictment, Crumpacker bought cocaine on multiple dates between Jan. 29 and May 14. During that time, Chipotle was trying to manage the fallout from an E. coli outbreak that had come to light this past fall, as well as other subsequent food scares. One of the alleged cocaine purchases came on the same day Chipotle temporarily closed a store in Massachusetts amid concerns that some employees had norovirus.

Following the indictment last Thursday, Crumpacker was placed on administrative leave by Chipotle.

Crumpacker isn't the only notable name to emerge from the indictment. Other alleged clients of Hernandez's include Fox Business producer Katie Welnhofer and Merrill Lynch associate Christopher Dodson. Dodson is said to have purchased $7,600 worth of cocaine between January and May of this year, employing a local Duane Reade as a meeting spot and giving new meaning to the slogan "Your City. Your Drugstore."