Last night, a Chinese food delivery man was first robbed and then shot in the eye at a Bronx apartment building. The delivery man for Triple A Chinese Restaurant was robbed somewhere on the second floor, and then went to the building's lobby, saying that he'd been robbed. A maintenance worker told him to call the police, and when the worker (who wouldn't tell the media his name, for fear of retribution) returned from the compactor room, he saw the delivery man yelling at two men from the vestibule, holding the vestibule door in to prevent the men from getting out. And that's when they shot him through the door and ran away.

One 20 year old resident was taken into the precinct for questioning. Triple A has had a number of robberies and incident, including its owner being robbed on a delivery and his wife being robbed in the restaurant. A neighbor of the restaurant told the Times a delivery man had been robbed "But it didn’t stop him from doing his job. He came in two days later with two black eyes." This is yet another upsetting example that food delivery man assaults are commonplace.