Well, this can't be good for diplomacy. A high-ranking Chinese diplomat's sister was arrested at Macy's in Herald Square Thursday after staffers caught her allegedly trying to shoplift.

The Post reports that staffers at Macy's flagship store alleging found 37-year-old Guo Wang trying to smuggle two shirts and a dress out of the store after taking them into a dressing room. Officials say Wang's spoils totaled $148, and she was arrested and charged with criminal possession of stolen property and petit larceny. Unfortunately, Wang's also the sister of Bangfu Wang, who is a section chief in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs; after Wang was taken to a midtown precinct, two Chinese consular officials arrived and reportedly ended up making a fuss. "They were literally pounding on the desk," a source told the Post. "

Wang's case was adjourned yesterday, and will likely be dismissed; she'll have to undergo a counseling session and perform community service. Despite her brother's high-ranking position, she didn't get any diplomatic immunity (unlike this guy!) Bangfu Wang, meanwhile, was traveling in China yesterday, and it doesn't look like these shoplifting allegations will result in an international scofflaw.