2005_06_chinatownshooting.jpgA bustling restaurant in Chinatown was the scene of a murder: A couple argued with Ming wang at Yung Sun Seafood Restaurants; the couple left, and, later, the male half of the couple returned to shoot wang 4-8 times in the head and body. The shooter fled on foot and is still at large. The restaurant knew Wang and the couple, and the Daily News says that Wang and the shooter were "business rivals"; Wang and his wife were in the city to buy supplies for their new restaurant. Another interesting fact about the restaurant at 47 East Broadway is that it was allegedly once the headquarters of "Sister Ping," who is on trial for smuggling Chinese immigrants into the country.

Telly Wong, of NYC and Company, the city's tourism agency, fretted to the NY Times that the killing would have a negative impact on efforts to encourage tourists to visit Chinatown: "Our job is to throw out the old stereotypes, of gang violence here in the 80's. This is rough." Gothamist hopes people don't flee Chinatown, as the sad truth is that there are crimes all over the city. And it's still a great place to get an inexpensive meal, groceries or other tchotchkes - check out Explore Chinatown.

Photograph from Newsday